Think You Know Dance?
  • "As moderator for the Chicago Dancing Festival's lecture-demonstration series at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Lucia Mauro -- with her vast knowledge of dance history, thorough grasp of dance in our times, and the rare ability to depict dance through the written and spoken word -- has been a source of enlightenment for both audiences and artists who seek deeper insights into the mysteries of dance."

    - Lar Lubovitch, Artistic Director, Lar Lubovitch Dance Company, New York

  • "Not only is Lucia Mauro a walking encyclopedia of knowledge about dance and the history of dance, she is also able to communicate that knowledge to a diverse audience in a manner that makes even the most novice dancegoer feel enlightened. Her enthusiasm for her subject and the natural ease with which she imparts her wisdom is engaging and contagious."

    - Brett Batterson, Executive Director, Auditorium Theatre, Chicago

  • "As an interviewer, Lucia Mauro's questions and comments are forever thought- provoking, and she lends a unique angle to the topics at hand. I'm always appreciative of her approachable manner and respect for the art form and for the energized dialogue that transpires due to her vast knowledge of dance currently and historically."

    - Glenn Edgerton, Artistic Director, Hubbard Street Dance Chicago

  • "It's so crazy how much I learned in your Dance History class. I felt like I understood performances on such a deeper level, and could explain their significance to others as well."

    - Jacquelyn Pavilon, dance history student, Loyola University Chicago



Frederick Ashton: Witty Theatricality

The resident choreographer of London's Sadler's Wells Ballet (later to be called the Royal Ballet), Ashton ran the gamut of refined abstractions and economical story ballets, including Symphonic Variations, The Dream, and Cinderella.

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